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Giallo & Gelato: Don’t Torture a Duckling

In a small village of the South of Italy, three children are killed within a few days. Everyone is a suspect, including Patrizia (Barbara Bouchet), a smug, young heiress from the North and a local woman, the "maciara", believed to be a witch by the villagers (Florinda Bolkan). The tortuous investigation takes many of the genre's obligatory twists and turns, but also confirms a broader, darker truth under the radiant landscape: no one is truly innocent. In Don't Torture a Duckling, one of his best works, Lucio Fulci creates a stylistically exceptional mix of thriller and proto-slasher that is not easy to forget. 

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Giallo & Gelato: A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin

Lucio Fulci's psychedelic shocker combines erotically charged dream sequences and eye-popping hallucinations with moments of shocking gore. Featuring a marvelous score by Ennio Morricone and lush color cinematography by Luigi Kuveiller, A Lizard in a Woman's Skin is one of Fulci's most potent visions.

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Giallo & Gelato: Blood and Black Lace

Isabella (Francesca Ungaro), a young model, is walking to her job at the fashion house when she is murdered by a masked killer. As Inspector Sylvester (Thomas Reiner) questions the people in Isabella’s fancy life, an intricate web of secret relationships and backstage blackmail is unveiled. While the killer continues to strike and models keep disappearing, Isabella's diary containing the atelier's secrets is found.

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