Founded in 2014, Cinema of the Dam’d is a non-profit, volunteer run foundation that curates and presents unconventional film programs in Amsterdam. In 2017, we joined the collective at the OT301 cultural centre, located in the former Dutch film academy and renovated its historic screening room.

Our cinema presents a mixture of repertory programming and new films from around the world. We champion unusual, distinctive, and adventurous work, especially independent and undistributed films overlooked by commercial cinemas and established filmhouses. We also seek to highlight the work of film artists—women, people of color, and non-“Western” directors—often excluded from classical and contemporary canons.

We reject a film culture which divides movies into “high” and “low” art.  We believe that cinema is one of the few remaining accessible forms of popular culture. Therefore, we seek to foster a culture of adventurous and omnivorous moviegoing, with low ticket prices and playful programs. Because our community is international, all of our films are either in English or screened with English subtitles.

We are the only cinema in Amsterdam that serves fresh popcorn.

The Team:

  • Matt Cornell
  • Jacopo Fiorancio
  • Jennifer Bronson
  • Nadia de Vries
  • Elinor Gittins
  • Gabrielė Plukaitė
  • Tashina Blom
  • Lisa Boselli
  • Pietro Marchiesi
  • Hannah Fraza
  • Phillip Morris

Visit the OT301 website for more events.