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Signs of the Zodiac: Libra (Secret Screening)

Every month, we celebrate the cinematic zodiac, with a secret screening featuring a character that fully embodies what that sign is all about. Better still, if the zodiac sign of the month is yours, you can pick up a free box of popcorn at our bar! So, what's your rising, darling? This month: Libra

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Signs of the Zodiac: Virgo (Secret Screening)

Virgos are the most meticulous characters of the zodiac. They are analytical and notoriously perfectionist creatures. Vulnerable to anxiety, Virgos will always find a reason to worry, but this doesn't mean that they're no fun. The Virgo is an excellent communicator, a devoted friend, and a caring soul. They're the most divine of the Earth signs, for sure. This comedy from the mid 2000s features a divine presence or two, but certainly not the pious kind. Free popcorn for all Virgos!

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Signs of the Zodiac: Leo (Secret Screening)

This 2004 comedy classic features not one, but a multitude of Leo characters who all are keen to win something big. Filled with bone-dry humor and a much-memed dance scene, this screening is surely the most appropriate way to ring out Leo season. Bring your friends along for the ride, and don't forget your chapstick!

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