Cinema of the Dam’d is pleased to announce our open call for submissions to Women’s Work: a program devoted to exhibiting feature films by emerging female directors. There is no fixed deadline for submission.

Please take note of the following guidelines when making a submission:

1) The film’s running time must be at least 65 minutes.

2) At least one of the film’s directors must be a woman, who has completed no more than two prior features. Trans women and non-binary directors are encouraged to submit.

3) The film must be available for an Amsterdam theatrical premiere.

4) The film must be available on Blu Ray, ,mp4 or other digital file format. Unfortunately we are not equipped for DCP.

5) The film must be in English or with English subtitles.

The authors of the selected movies will receive a €120 (VAT included) screening fee. To apply, please fill out the form below.