Though social distancing saves lives, we still crave community and connection in these uncertain times. Introducing Dam’d Social Cinema—our platform for sharing films, while staying connected. Our volunteers have hand-picked their favorite films to screen in the virtual cinema below.

While many venues and sites are offering films to stream or download on your own schedule, we think there’s something special about watching movies together at the same time. For this reason, social screenings will start at a scheduled time. (And just like our regular screenings, they’ll probably run a little late.) Screenings will be announced on the main page of our website and on social media, just as before.

Some screenings will also be interactive. For select screenings, one of our programmers will greet the audience and introduce the film on Zoom. After the movie ends, you’re welcome to join us again on Zoom to discuss the film or just say hi. Some screenings will also include Q&As with the filmmakers.

Upcoming events:

Saturday, May 14th

C.H.O.M.P.S. @ 17:00 CET
B.A.P.S. @ 18:30 CET
D.A.R.Y.L. @ 20:00 CET
D.E.B.S. 22:00 CET
C.H.U.D. @ Midnight

All film programs screen on our Twitch channel

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